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Brushes and Combs. A beard's best friend.

by Shawn Burns September 05, 2016

Brushes and Combs. A beard's best friend.

ToolsofMen.com founder Shawn Burns stopped by to deliver this amazing guest post covering all the things you need to know about beard combs and brushes. Enjoy the read and don't forget to visit toolsofmen.com for Shawn's incredible men's grooming blog.


Maintaining your beard properly can be an involved process. One of the most critical components to any beard grooming routine is of course going to be the application of either beard balm or beard oil, like the great ones offered by Earl Hangslow.

In order to start to get your beard looking and feeling great, one can’t overlook the benefits of a quality beard oil that is applied regularly.

Now when it comes to the style of your beard however, beard oils and balms naturally have their limitations. This is where of course combs and brushes come into the fold.

Below we are going to explore how combs and brushes that are designed for your beard differ from one another:

Beard Combs Are All About Style And Control

While we won't go over the specific materials that a beard comb is molded or crafted from since they both have their unique set of advantages and/or disadvantages, its important though to understand what a beard comb actually does.

Many men often get tripped up on this, and that's completely fine!

Beard combs, in large, are used for styling purposes.

When compared to a brush, a comb will give you the most amount of control when shaping up your beard in the morning. Therefore if you are using the Alaska Beard Balm (which you should), this product contains the classic ingredient found in most balms, beeswax.

Beeswax within this product acts not only as a protectant for your skin, but will allow you to achieve a bit of a hold that will keep your beard in check throughout the day.

Products like Alaska Beard Balm help to showcase the performance of beard combs.

But there is a sticking point when it comes to just about any comb, whether its specialized for your beard or not...

Most all of them are made of a material that isn't porous.

What we mean by that is whether you are using a synthetic, horn, or wooden material they don't have the ability to naturally distribute the oils within your favorite beard care product throughout the length of your follicle.

Even if you use what some consider is the very best beard comb - it's still a limitation of the tool.

Therefore as a beardsman, much of the distribution of the product within your beard literally rests within your hands. So if you are using your hands to massage in some Cuba Beard Oil, apply liberally and thoroughly for peak performance.

Now everything that we just went over within a beard comb is largely opposite when you use a beard brush.

Beard brushes come in many different shapes, sizes, and fiber materials.

Generally speaking, boars hair fiber are always going to be the most popular of all the fiber types, but that should never deter you from trying something different (such as horse hair or synthetic fibers).

The reason why animal fibers are so popular and prevalent within brushes is that they are completely all natural and do a terrific job at soaking up the oils from the different types of beard products.

Therefore when you apply either the Key West Beard Oil or Beard Balm, using a brush after application will help to distribute not only along the length of your beard follicle, but also all the way to the surface of your skin.

Brushes typically will provide total coverage of beard oil on your face.

In addition to a full distribution of oil on your face, brushes also help to train your beard hairs to grow in a uniform direction. Therefore if you have some wirey whiskers, a brush along with the application of just a small bit of stache wax will leave you looking well maintained.

Beard brushes will help to achieve a fuller and more natural look to your beard as opposed to a comb that gives you ultimate control and more of a matted down look.

This largely depends on the preference of the beardsmen.

Where To Go From Here?

While beard brushes and combs are largely up to the decision of any beardsman, the most important aspect is going to be a beard product.

Even the best beard brushes or beard combs simply don’t perform well unless they have a quality beard product to back them up.

Think of beard combs and brushes as a sidekick to a high-class beard product like those offered in the shop by Earl Hangslow.

To find much more invaluable information about men's grooming visit Shawn's site toolsofmen.com

Shawn Burns
Shawn Burns


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